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One simple Contact Point to rule them all!

TipeME is the future of dialing. Do you have a phone number? An email address? Social media presences? Chatting IDs? Chances are you do and TipeME allows you to link them all together and more.

Register and secure your own free TipeME ID then link as much (or as little) as you like to it. You can link things like phone numbers, email addresses, social media links, chat IDs (think Skype, Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Kakaotalk, Line, Kik etc) and do so much more.

Components and Styles

You can also import your existing contacts into the TipeME app and interact with them using our completely customizable dial pad.

If you would like complete peace of mind you may choose to backup your contacts via TipeME - we offer full encryption when backing up your contacts so even we cannot see who your contacts are!


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Take a moment to watch this animation which demonstrates how easy it is to hand our a word in place of your phone number.

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All you need for start

It's not rocket science

And we're not rocket scientists. Our brains relate to words much better than numbers - so we should starting dialing the way we think.

We are proud to have invented a simple service which is having such an impact on the way we dial and connect to one another over the largest communcation network of it's kind on this earth.

Editable colors

You're in control

You have complete Privacy Control over every piece of data you link to your TipeME ID, ensuring that only the people you choose have access to it.

Let people see a different side of you! Have multiple active profile photos - you can set a profile photo for your friends, a different one for work, a different one for family and so forth.

Clean code

Your contacts belong to YOU!

TipeME allows you to import, deduplicate and access your phone contacts within the most advanced contacts app in the world!

Your contacts are important to you and they belong to you! When you backup and sync your contacts with TipeME they are fully encrypted (which means even we cannot read them!)

A glimpse

There are simply too many features provided by TipeME to list on this landing page, if you want to see a full list click here and open the Description. In the mean time, let's look at a few brief reasons you might want to secure your own TipeME ID:

Words are personal, easier to remember and easier to hand out - i.e "TipeME on shane" (actually that's 3 reasons already).

You can link just about anything to your TipeME ID - centralize your contact points and identities! When people dial your TipeME ID they can access this additional information based on your privacy settings. Share as much or as little as you like.

You might have a website, blog, twitter account or something else you would like people to know about - you can let people who dial your word know about this with our service. It certainly saves trying to tell people you know (or more so don't know) about it, just let them find out about it naturally when they dial you.

TipeME mixes your existing phone contacts with futuristic contacts on TipeME. So as your friends and colleagues are joining TipeME you can still interact with your standard contacts using our state of the art contacts management application.

Use TipeME to transcribe business cards, request updated information from normal phone contacts, group your contacts, group and share contacts, access contacts quickly via our powerful T9 logic dial pad and so much more.

Unlock the potential

Does your phone number do enough?

Every time a person dials your normal business phone number you are wasting a precious opportunity to let them learn more about your business, your product, your online presences and connect with you in a pressure free environment.

By signing up with TipeME you can do exactly what is mentioned above, plus, you are giving your customers a word (possibly your business / product name) which acts as your central point of contact and translates into your phone number.

You spend money teaching people your number, your business name, brand name, website, email, social media links and so forth - why not just get one simple word which can be used to dial you and also link everything together! It is much easier and cost effective to get a person to remember a simple word than other details about your business, especially your phone number - use your short impression wisely!

Let your customers dial you in style by dialing your word through TipeME. Put information about your business at their finger tips each time they dial your word. Remember, they don't need any software and don't even need to register to be able to use this service!

Let your customer dig down further into details about your business, service or product in a pressure free environment - each time they dial your word your business profile will load and be ready for them to view after the call is finished. They can also visit your profile any time without calling too if they wish.

Furthermore, it's very important to understand that anyone with a smart phone can use this service without registering and without requiring any software so it's more simple for them to call your word.

We have the largest online database of this type in the world - make sure you register your business / product name where it counts!

We have patents pending on future features which will make this service scalable throughout the globe while still retaining the ability for people and businesses to own great words which are easy to remember!

There is always more, right?

We are constantly improving our services to give our customers the best experience possible. In addition to this we are making a promise with regards to always keeping the fundamental part of our service FREE!

TipeME was designed so you can use the simple features right out of the box and learn about our other unique features progressively as you use the app.

In 2017 we have released a heavily updated version from our successful BETA version. At present we provide this new version for iPhone but we have plans to release an Android version later this year. You can still register and secure your TipeME ID via this website if you are an Android user or Business user.

Our promise to keep the fundamental part of our service free is a very important one for us and for you. While we do have Gold and Silver plans (which are paid plans) we will always offer a free option for your TipeME ID.

No way! Everything you have set up right now stays the same!
Yes! TipeME is available in every country around the world and can work with any phone number. Our system is set up to automatically compensate dial codes depending on where a person is calling from and to. Simply enter your closest town or city when registering and select from the drop down menu. The check a list of prefixes for dialing people in other countries check out this page.
What about if I don't want people to see more details about me?
You don't have to share them! One of the great things about using TipeME is that you can decide what extra details you share (if any!) with other people who dial you. We just give you the option to share things whether for making a statement, connecting with people who dial you or for some other reason - the choice is yours! You could simply link your number to your word and leave it at that - people won't know any more than they normally would from your phone number.

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Mobile Apps

Although the majority of our users dial directly through our web interface at www.tipeme.com and www.callmyword.com - we have seen some great interest in our free app since releasing the BETA version. We have also recently completed our new app version just released in 2017!
Download it now for FREE and secure your TipeME ID before someone else does!

Mobile Apps

About Us

About Us

Who we are will likely bore most people - it's what we do (and are doing) that is the exciting part. TipeME is an up and coming internet based communication phenomenon dedicated to creating a more simple way for people to dial one another's phone number by using something our brains relate to and are more familiar with - words. Words are easier to remember, easier to hand out and can also be personal - something we identify with as individuals.

In addition to simplifying the way we dial, we are also creating other features which are great to take advantage of whether you're using TipeME as an individual or as a business. To date, the dialing part of placing a phone call is quite mundane so we've spiced things up and allowed our users to display their photo and share things with people who dial their word. There is a whole lot more to it, but those are the basics so give it a try, you can sign up for free on this website or just download one of our free apps.



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